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been written by youduring the day; he knows that it has not yet been sent to itsaddress. This letter is not in your table nor in your secretary;and yet this letter must be somewhere.Would you dare to lift your hand to your queen? said Anne ofAustria, drawing herself up to her full height, and fixing hereyes upon the chancellor with an expression almo canada goose calgary st threatening.I am a faithful subject of the king, madame, canada goose calgary and all that hisMajesty commands I shall do.Well, it is true! said Anne of Austria; and the spies of thecardinal have served him faithfully. I have written a lettertoday; that letter is not yet gone. The letter is here. Andthe queen laid her beautiful hand on her bosom.Then give me that letter, madame, said the chancellor.I will give it to none but the king monsieur, said Anne.If the

to this recital, delivered with the greatestsimplicity, the duke looked from time to time at the young manwith astonishment, as if he could not comprehend how so muchprudence, courage, and devotedness could be al canada goose calgary lied with acountenance which indicated not more than twenty years.The horses went like the wind, and in a few minutes they were atthe gates of London. DArtagnan imagined that on arriving intown the duke would slacken his pace, but it was not so. He kepton his way at the same rate, heedless about upsetting those whomhe met on the road. In fact, in crossing the city two or threeaccidents of this kind happened; but Buckingham did not even turnhis head to see what became of those he had knocked down.DArtagnan followed him amid cries whi canada goose calgary ch strongly resembledcurses.On entering the court

prudent to ask at once what had become of theMusketeer. The result of these reflections was that DArtagnan,witho canada goose calgary ut asking information of any kind, alighted, commended thehorses to the care of his lackey, entered a small room destinedto receive those who wished to be alone, and desired the host tobring him a bottle of his best wine and as good a breakfast aspossible--a desire which further corroborated the high opinionthe innkeeper had formed of the traveler at first sight.DArtagn canada goose calgary an was therefore served with miraculous celerity. Theregiment of the Guards was recruited among the first gentlemen ofthe kingdom; and DArtagnan, followed by a lackey, and travelingwith four magnificent horses, despite the simplicity of hisuniform, could not fail to make a sensation. The host desiredhimself to

in that way, said Athos, you will break myheart, and the tears will flow from my eyes as the wine flowedfrom the cask. We are not such devils as we appear to be. Comehither, and let us talk.The host approached with hesitation.Come hither, I say, and dont be afraid, continued Athos. Atthe very moment when I was about to pay you, I had p canada goose calgary laced mypurse on canada goose calgary the table.Yes, monsieur.That purse contained sixty pistoles; where is it?Deposited with the justice; they said it was bad money.Very well; get me my purse back and keep the sixty pistoles.But Monseigneur knows very well that justice never lets go thatwhich it once lays hold of. If it were bad money, there might besome hopes; but unfortunately, those were all good pieces.Manage the matter as well as you can, my good man; it does notconcern me,

been. This lastapartment was a sort of dark room, littered with papers. Onquitting the study they left the kitchen on the right, andentered the reception room.All these rooms, which communi canada goose calgary cated with one another, didnot inspire Porthos favorably. Words might be heard at adistance through all these open doors. Then, while passing,he had cast a rapid, investigating glance into the kitchen;and he was obliged to confess to himself, to the shame ofthe procurators wife and his own regret, that he did notsee that fire, that animation, that bustle, which when agood repast is on foot prevails generally in that sanctuaryof good living.The procurator had without doubt been war canada goose calgary ned of his visit,as he expressed no surprise at the sight of Porthos, whoadvanced toward him with a sufficiently easy air,

with a bound uponDArtagnan.Although the young man was brave, as we know, he wasterrified at that wild countenance, those terribly dilatedpupils, those pale cheeks, and those bleeding lips. Herecoiled to the other side of the room as he would have donefrom a serpent which was crawling toward him, and his swordcoming in contact with his nervous hand, he drew it almostunconsciously from the scabbard. But without taking anyheed of the sword, Milady endeavor canada goose calgary ed to get near enough tohim to stab him, and did not stop till she felt the sharppoint at her throat.She then tried to seize the sword with her hands; butDArtagnan kept it free from her grasp, and presenting thepoint, sometimes at her eyes, sometimes at her breast,compelled h canada goose calgary er to glide behind the bedstead, while he aimedat making his

this isfrightful! You pretend to pardon me, and you poison me!I! cried DArtagnan. I, wretch? What do you say?I say that it was you who gave me the wine; I say that it canada goose calgary was you who desired me to drink it. I say you wished toavenge yourself o canada goose calgary n me, and I say that it is horrible!Do not think so, Brisemont, said DArtagnan; do not thinkso. I swear to you, I protest--Oh, but God is above! God will punish you! My God, grantthat he may one day suffer what I suffer!Upon the Gospel, said DArtagnan, throwing himself down bythe dying man, I swear to you that the wine was poisonedand that I was going to drink of it as you did.I do not believe you, cried the soldier, and he expiredamid horrible tortures.Frightful! frightful! murmured Athos, while Porthos brokethe bottles and Aramis gave orders, a little

bear a charmed life. The ballspassed and whistled all around him; not one struck him.Athos waved his flag, turning his back on the guards of thecity, and saluting those of the camp. On both sides loudcries arose--o canada goose calgary n the one s canada goose calgary ide cries of anger, on the othercries of enthusiasm.A second discharge followed the first, and three balls, bypassing through it, made the napkin really a flag. Crieswere heard from the camp, Come down! come down!Athos came down; his friends, who anxiously awaited him, sawhim returned with joy.Come along, Athos, come along! cried DArtagnan; now wehave found everything except money, it would be stupid to bekilled.But Athos continued to march majestically, whatever remarkshis companions made; and they, finding their remarksuseless, regulated their pace by his.Grimaud and