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cardinal to this sudden yielding.The king signed the order for release, and Treville carried itaway without delay. As he was about to leave the presence, thecardinal have him a friendly smile, and said, A perfect harmonyreigns, sire, between the leaders and the soldiers of yourMusketeers, which must be profitable for the service andhonorable to all.He will play me some dogs trick or other, and thatimme canada goose junior diately, said Treville. One has never the last word withsuch a man. But let us be quick--the kin canada goose junior g may change his mind inan hour; and at all events it is more difficult to replace a manin the Fort lEveque or the Bastille who has got out, than tokeep a prisoner there who is in.M. de Treville made his entrance triumphantly into the FortlEveque, whence he delivered the Musketeer, whose

took themoney which Athos offered to him, and after turning and turningit over and over in his hands, suddenly cried out that it wasbad, and that he would have him and his companions arrested asforgers.You blackguard! cried Athos, going toward him, Ill cut canada goose junior yourears off!At the same instant, four men, armed to the teeth, entered byside doors, and rushed upon Athos.I am taken! shouted Athos, with all the power of his lungs.Go on, DArtagnan! Spur, spur! and he fired two pistols.DArtagnan and Planchet did not require twice bidding; theyunfastened the two horses that we canada goose junior re waiting at the door, leapedupon them, buried their spurs in their sides, and set off at fullgallop.Do you know what has become of Athos? asked DArtagnan ofPlanchet, as they galloped on.Ah, monsieur, said Planchet, I saw one

young mans mind that by remaining inthe environs of the spot on which this sad event had passed, hewould, perhaps, have some light thrown u canada goose junior pon the mysteriousaffair. At the sixth cabaret, then, as we said, DArtagnanstopped, asked for a bottle of wine of the best quality, andplacing himself in the darkest corner of the room, determinedthus to wait till daylight; but this time again his hopes weredisappointed, and although he listened with all his ears, heheard nothing, amid the oaths, coarse jokes, and abuse whichpassed between the laborers, servants, and carters who comprisedthe honorable society of which he formed a part, which could puthim upon the least track of her who had been stolen from him. Hewas compe canada goose junior lled, them, after having swallowed the contents of hisbottle, to pass the time as

nece canada goose junior ssary to get possession of canada goose junior the persons of thepretended coiners.Again! said DArtagnan, whose ears chafed terribly under therepetition of this word COINERs.Pardon me, monseigneur, for saying such things, but they form myexcuse. The authorities had terrified me, and you know that aninnkeeper must keep on good terms with the authorities.But once again, that gentleman-where is he? What has become ofhim? Is he dead? Is he living?Patience, monseigneur, we are coming to it. There happened thenthat which you know, and of which your precipitate departure,added the host, with an acuteness that did not escape DArtagnan,appeared to authorize the issue. That gentleman, your friend,defended himself desperately. His lackey, who, by an unforeseenpiece of ill luck, had quarreled with the officers,

future day speak a wordthat will not prove useless to you.DArtagnan blushed with pleasure, and bowed a sign ofassent.At this time Athos came up to DArtagnan.What do you mean to do with that purse? whispered he.Why, I meant to pass it over to you, my dear Athos.Me! why to me?Why, you killed him! They are the spo canada goose junior ils of victory.I, the heir of an en canada goose junior emy! said Athos; for whom, then, doyou take me?It is the custom in war, said DArtagnan, why should itnot be the custom in a duel?Even on the field of battle, I have never done that.Porthos shrugged his shoulders; Aramis by a movement of hislips endorsed Athos.Then, said DArtagnan, let us give the money to thelackeys, as Lord de Winter desired us to do.Yes, said Athos; let us give the money to the lackeys--notto our lackeys, but to the lackeys of the

away by his enthusiasm.Our Gascon promised this without risk, for he knew all thatwas meant.I love your devotedness, said Milady.Alas, do you love nothing else in me? asked DArtagnan.I love you also, YOU! said she, taking his hand.The warm pressure made DArtagnan canada goose junior tremble, as if by thet canada goose junior ouch that fever which consumed Milady attacked himself.You love me, you! cried he. Oh, if that were so, I should lose my reason!And he folded her in his arms, She made no effort to removeher lips from his kisses; only she did not respond to them.Her lips were cold; it appeared to DArtagnan that he hadembraced a statue.He was not the less intoxicated with joy, electrified bylove. He almost believed in the tenderness of Milady; healmost believed in the crime of De Wardes. If De Wardes hadat that moment been

I agreed.And how much did she give you for this fine enterprise?A hundred louis.Well, come! said the young man, laughing, she thinks I amworth something. A hundred louis? Well, that was atemptation for two wretches like you. I un canada goose junior derstand why youaccepted it, and I grant you my pardon; but upon onecondition.What is that? said the soldier, uneasy at perceiving thatall was not over.That you will go and fetch me the letter your comrade hasin his pocket.But, cried the bandit, that is only another way ofkilling me. How can I go and fetch that letter under thefire of the bastion?You must nevertheless make up your mind to go and get it,or I swear you shall die by my hand.Pardon, monsieur canada goose junior ; pity! In the name of that young lady youlove, and whom you perhaps believe dead but who is not!cried the bandit,

the barrier.How? replied DArtagnan, you care little if she killsBuckingham or causes him to be killed? But the duke is ourfriend.The duke is English; the duke fights against canada goose junior us. Let herdo what she likes with the duke; I care no more about himthan an empty bottle. And Athos threw fif canada goose junior teen paces fromhim an empty bottle from which he had poured the last dropinto his glass.A moment, said DArtagnan. I will not abandon Buckinghamthus. He gave us some very fine horses.And moreover, very handsome saddles, said Porthos, who atthe moment wore on his cloak the lace of his own.Besides, said Aramis, God desires the conversion and notthe death of a sinner.Amen! said Athos, and we will return to that subjectlater, if such be your pleasure; but what for the momentengaged my attention most earnestly, and I